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Dear Sirs,

I would like to take a moment of time to highly recommend one of your troopers.His badge number is 1471-991, and we met on the Florida Turnpike on Sunday 11/7/04.

I was stopped by your officer for speeding,while driving in Palm Beach county on my way to meet my son to return his car which I had repaired last week after he broke down going back to college in Orlando.

This officer was extremely courteous and although at the time I thought he was going to give me a ticket, I could not help but to comment to my wife, that he was a breath of fresh air, in this world of ours where everyone seems so rude and obnoxious.

He explained to me why he had stopped me, but at the same time he was polite and courteous and as he went back to his car to check me out on his computer he made me feel comfortable that he was only doing his job and not just wanting to flaunt his authority.

When he returned to my vehicle, he explained to me what driving at this speed would cost and then to my delight he only gave me a warning and told me to slow down and drive safely. Needless to say I did just that and continue to observe the posted limits.

I just wanted to recommend this "Gentleman" and tell you that I have told no less than fifty people just how impressed I was with his positive attitude . He is confident and helpful and lacked that characteristic arrogance which so many officers display that everyone abhors.

Keep up the good work and I will keep to the speed limit.The public is well served by a Trooper like this.


Colin Lord


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