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Dear FHP,

I was delighted to hear about the crack down on reckless, high speed behavior. As an active member in the Porsche Club of America (PCA) where a track venued Driver's Ed program allows us to learn high speed driving within the confines of strict rules and safety protocols, we universally feel much more comfortable on road courswe tracks like Sebring, Homestead and Moroso than we do driving to and from these events on public highways.

At a DE, we know that all the drivers abide by the same point-by and safety rules. This is NOT racing, but simply learning how to drive Porsches rapidly and in a way that they are designed to be driven for FUN.

I know myself and other PCA members universally agree that driving I-95 is far more risky than turning laps at Sebring. The highway culprits seem to fit two common profiles; young drivers in souped up Hondas, Subarus etc. bolt on rear wings, tricked out exhausts and way too much testosterone. Rapid and unpredictable lanes changes takes them into a their own fantasy world of Formula 1 wannabes. A second group seem to be giant SUVs who by their sheer size have no qualms about 90mph+ cruise control driving often with a cell phone glued to one ear. These cushy behemoths offer no road feedback to their blissfully unaware drivers. Both types seem to have no idea about safe following distances often showing their extreme ignorance with blatant tailgating.

But, I'm not telling you anything that you don't know...I just wished the Marauder fleet were 100 cars instead of only 18. Congratulations to the benefactor who donated the cars and the FHP for tackling the problem in a clever way.

Ted in Fort Lauderdale

Member Porsche Club of America


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