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Hello, I read today about the new unmarked patrol cars planned to target aggressive drivers. I drive I-75 and the Sawgrass expressway in Broward county each weekday, and lemme tell ya--I sometimes feel seriously in peril. Almost every day I see some idiot trying to go 90-100 mph during rush hour. Twice in the last six months I've seen cars driven onto the shoulder to pass. Once an aggressive driver traveling at least 90 mph used the exit ramp to west Griffin road to pass a car, then zip back into traffic. All this while talking on a cell phone. The stretch of I-75 bewteen Miramar Parkway and I-595 seems the worst--a dangerous mix of dump-trucks going 50 mph, and tricked-out rice burners with spoilers going 100+. I understand there is a program targeting aggressive drivers on I-75 during weekends, which is good. But hey--they're way out of control on weekdays. I suggest using your Cessna spotter plane, in conjuction with the new Mercury Marauders, during rush hour weekdays. I'm a pilot, and I suspect some of these idiots will probably out-run the dang airplane. After all, it can only go about 140 (with a little tailwind)! Just kidding--you guys are doing a good job and taking steps in the right direction. I'd just like to see a few more of you during the week on I-75.

Thanks for your time,

Gary Lemmonds


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