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To Lt. Bagnardi and Every State Officer of the FHP'

My very first priority this morning is to sit down at the computer and type this short message to you. Lt. Bagnardi, I hope the intent of this letter will go out to all the troops on the force throughout the State of Florida, and to all other divisions from other states who came to help you during the recent storms.

It has always been my intent to do this, but you know where the road of good intent usually leads. At the very least, intent often times falls by the wayside. But, here it is, for all it is worth. I have always wanted to say how very much I appreciate law enforcement at every level because of the greatness of the task and the devotion to duty of most all law officers. I watch and see them at their assigned posts in every part of the world and I stand amazed at the huge task before all of them. I can truly understand the feelings that many have at the end of the workday when they look back briefly and realize the small chunk they have chipped away from the huge boulders of crime, much of which comes from the ordinary citizen such as myself. I, recently received a speeding ticket from one of your officers and all I could say was "Thank you, Sir, for doing your job and forgive me for making it so much more difficult!" Shame on me and so many others for the same behaviour.

To the point, Sir! Thank all of you for taking care of me and my lovely family. Have patience with us untill, perhaps, we all get the message, if ever. God bless all of you and remember, there are quite a few of us who feel the same way. I do not fail to salute your officers as I drive by, because they deserve all of our respect. Thanks for the many hours you have all labored during the storms and for all the other monumental things you are called upon to do each day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

A very appreciative senior citizen and friend,

Wesley L. Patrick, Jr.


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