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Dear Colonel Knight,

I just want to say another "Thank You" for the awesome and excellent service your department has provided in the face of yet another storm. Due to my responsibilities of evacuating 8 family members and 4 dogs to safer ground I was able to observe your personnel in action taking care of Florida's citizens while awaiting Hurricane Frances. The task you folks have was monumental in making sure the interstates were covered to handle rude and agressive drivers, and it showed. Everyone's calm demeanor in the face of another chaotic situation truly embraced the professionalism and dedication that is a mainstay of what the FHP stands for. I know it is demoralizing when a Trooper has to leave his family, secured, for duty before, during, and after a storm of any magnitude, but Frances put the best to the test, and your emloyees came out on top....as always. The good guys with the black Smokey hats won again and I am ever so proud. Upon our return to our Sunshine State home I observed an Auxilliary Trooper assisting a stranded motorist on I-95 south. Man was that great!!! I was not able to check your web site during our out-of-state experience, and I was finally able to do so tonight, and I will continue to do so every chance I get from this day forward. Due to the damages at my own employer I am not able to return to work yet, but I will check the web site from home (I check the FHP site during my lunch break). Keep up the great work and please pass my thanks to everyone that's willing to listen. Thank you Colonel Knight for your leadership and for the strong support and work you peform for your troops. I respect a manager who takes care of and cares for their personnel.

God Bless you, and God Bless the Florida Highway Patrol!!!!

With Sincerest Repect,

Charles D. "Chuck" Lowe
Cocoa (Port St.John)


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