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On November 23, 2003 my husband was hit by a drunk driver who took off. My husband was bayflighted to bayfront Medical Center with a broken pelvis, a broken leg, and dislocated ankle. He underwent two major surgeries and was not allowed to walk for 2 months. He spent Thanksgiving in the hospital and Christmas in a wheelchair. Trooper Evans was the trooper who arrived on the scene and I am extremely glad he did. We weren't given very much evidence to work with, all we knew was that the vehicle was a Lincoln Navigator and her first name was Victoria. I never gave up hope on Trooper Evans. He told me that he was very dedicated to finding this woman and serving justice. I believed in him. He called me all the time to inform me of what was happening, he even called on his day off. I will never forget the day that he called to say that she was being arrested. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I have never seen a trooper so dedicated to his job and keeping the victims in the light. Trooper Evans is a true hero in my eyes. If it wasn't for his dedication to his job and hard work we might not have ever found this lady. It took about two months but his hard work finally paid off. I really believe that we need more troopers like Trooper Evans to help get all the crimals and drunk drivers off the road, maybe som people would feel differently about police if they had someone like Trooper Evans working their case. If my husband or myself is ever involved in an accident again I hope Trooper Evans is the one working the case.

Cathy Bizzoco


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