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My coworker, Ms. Himmelheber and I were on our daily commute to Lake City from Jacksonville this morning when I hit a large rock in the road and blew out the front tire of my SUV. Luckily we were able to pull off to the right of way without incident. We put on the hazard blinkers and got out to change the tire. It was cold, windy and a bit damp this morning...not the kind of weather we like to brag about down here. At least it wasn't raining. Being on the side of the highway, the sense of how easily someone could make a mistake and slam into my vehicle while we were changing the tire was foremost in my mind. I was so happy to see Officer England's Blue lights as she pulled up behind us. She arrived just as we were lowering the spare, we couldn't have been on the roadside more than 5 minutes!

I am writing specifically to tell you what a great officer you have in Ms. England. She got out of her cruiser and pitched right in, helping us figure out how to detach the spare. When it was time to loosen the lug nuts she brought out a large lug wrench without which, I fear we'd still be out there. When we began to lower the vehicle once the spare was attached, she noticed the air pressure in the spare was dangerously low. She went back to her cruiser and retrieved an electric air pump. We plugged in the pump and got the tire to a safe pressure. Once we had lowered the vehicle and stowed the jack and the flattened tire I thought our pleasant encounter with this excellent officer had reached an end. However, this well equipped officer also had brought along hand cleaning gel and an old towel. She was very generous and I have to say I have never had such a pleasant experience with any law enforcement officer.

As we commute every day from Jax to Lake City and back, I see no end of highway mishaps and near misses. I see drivers who are clearly dangerous and should probably have their license revoked. I can't count the number of times I've thought "Where are the Troopers when you really need them?" From now on I will remember that when I needed you, you were there. Not only were you there, but you were there for me in short order. And not only did your officer show up almost immediately, but her assistance was absolutely above and beyond any expectations I had.

On behalf of myself and Ms. Himmelheber, I would like to officially thank Officer England and your department for your excellent and expert assistance. I would be pleased to know that this feedback reached Officer England's supervisor. I think she deserves a medal!


George Shorter, Ph.D.


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