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Dear Colonel Knight,

I first want to apologize for the unexcusable tardiness of this letter. Although my plate has been pretty full since this act of kindness by Corporal Ronald Cox, I should have taken the time to acknowledge this act that was beyond the call of duty in the time of a personal delima.

On November 1, 2003 at approximately 5:00pm, I had just left the Nursing home in Marianna where my dear mother was lying on her death bed. I was traveling East on S.R.10 when I was alarmed by the sound of a tire going flat. Immediately, I pulled to the shoulder of the road and got out of my vehicle to further investigate. Upon exiting my vehicle, I noticed that my left rear tire was flat. I suffer with Atrial Fibulation(irregular heartbeat) and become fatigued rather easily. I immediately dialed *FHP on my cellphone and much to my surprise I reached a dis- patcher in Tallahassee and asked if she could send a service truck to my location to change a flat tire. She stated she would call Panama City to see if they could locate me some help.

No sooner had she put me on hold, when a Black & Yellow pulled behind me. I noticed right away that it was Cpl. Cox, whom I had become acquainted with several years ago. I asked Cpl. Cox if he would call me a service truck to change my flat tire. I assured him it would be greatly appreciated as I was traveling with a female companion and was concerned about being disabled on the side of the road. Cpl. Cox stated there would be no need for a service truck, that he would gladly change the tire for me. I tried to persuade him to call someone but he insisted on changing the flat. Needless to say, this was an act of kindness brought on by God. Cpl.Cox proceeded to get under my truck in the thick grass and struggled but got the tire changed.

I can remember doing the same task on the side of the for different people and now I know how they must have felt because you see I was a Trooper II with your organization for 9 years 6 months abd 22 days. I was a graduate of the 41st recruit class and still think highly of the Florida Highway Patrol. Its men like Cpl. Cox that give the Department its good name. Thanks again Ron and I wish you the best of everything.

My dear Mother passed away two days later(Nov.3) and I know she would want me to thank you on her behalf for she also loved the Patrol as I did and still do. Thank you all for the jobs that you do.

God Bless You,
James H. Evans, Jr.


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