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We wish to highly commend Trooper Weaver (very young man, bright red hair, buzz cut) for his courteous and most kind consideration in assisting us in a difficult situation. Without waiting to be asked, he saw our difficulty and graciously assisted us! His kindness is deeply appreciated!

On Wednesday morning, April 23, about 11:15, northbound on the Florida Turnpike, around highway mile marker 125 near Stewart, we ran over some construction debris in the road that ripped our front right tire to shreds. After repeated, unsuccessful calls to AAA, we gave up trying to reach them and called 911. NO SOONER DID WE HANG UP than Trooper Weaver pulled up behind us, turned on his lights to protect us (with the Jersey barriers from the construction, there was no way to move off the roadway), and began to help my husband change the tire.

We were in a very precarious location, my husband and I are getting older now, and changing a tire is somewhat more strenuous than it was when he was younger! We never did reach AAA, but when we mentioned our surprise at such phenomenal response time, he told us he was just passing by and noticed we needed help.

Again, many, many thanks to a caring officer! Judging by our brief encounter, I believe it's probably very typical of him. He's a credit to his parents and your department!

Frances M. and Alan D. Cohen
W. Hartford, CT


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