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Captain Parkton,

I wanted to send this e-mail to you to thank Trooper Tiller for his support one evening back in April, 2003. I am not sure if it was 5 or 12 April.

I was headed home (I live in Freeport) around 2000L time when my truck lights began to fail. As I turned onto Highway 85 just north of the Armament Museum my lights on my truck went completely out. I pulled onto the shoulder of the road to wait for my brother. I had been there about five minutes when a trooper passed by heading North on Highway 85. He turned around and pulled along side of my vehicle and asked if he could be of assistance. I explained to him what I thought the problem was (it was a bad alternator) and that I could not restart my vehicle. He stated that he had a pair of jumper cables and asked if he could jump start my vehicle. After we started the vehicle he offered to follow me to the nearest car care center for repair. He followed me to Niceville Car Care Center and waited with me until my brother arrived to take me home.

I wanted to personally thank Trooper Tiller for his consideration and assistance during this time. I feel he went above and beyond the call of duty to render assistance to me.

He was very courteous and professional. Troop A, Crestview District as well as the Florida Highway Patrol should be proud of Trooper Tiller.

His professionalism and mannerisms turned a potentially long night and labor intensive ordeal into a very manageable situation without to much disruption to mine or his schedule.


Donnie Miller
Range Operations Manager


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