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I wanted to send my compliments and thank you to Trooper T. Stevens. On Friday June 6, I broke down on 95 south bound. I was in the emergency lane next to the HOV lane. I was driving my brother's truck, as my car had just broke down also. I had a flat tire, and figured I would just change it, and be late to work. Officer Stevens pulled behind me, I spoke with her and explained the situation and I thought I would be okay. She said she would call the DOT roadside service just in case. I was doing fine, until it came time to get the spare, needless to say I tried, but had no success. It was taking the DOT a long time to arrive, so I told officer Stevens that I would be okay and she could go, but she said she didn't have any calls at the time and she would stay. Eventually the DOT service showed up and helped me out. I don't carry a cell phone, so if it wasn't for Trooper Stevens I would have been stranded. She was very nice and allowed me to notify my boss of the situation, (as I am responsible for opening up the law firm here in Ft. Lauderdale). That was very important to my boss to get the phone call also. Also she stayed there until the DOT showed up, which was almost 45 minutes all together, which was above and beyond what I would have ever expected. The fact that I had no ideal how to free the spare tire and no cell phone, made Trooper Stevens help that much more crucial and appreciated. Thank You very Much, Rod A Wilhelm


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