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Director Knight,

Hello, my name is Steven Davis and I am writing to make you aware of the very professional actions of Trooper Roberts #1430 and an unknown dispatcher. On Saturday 03-08-2003 at approximately 1630 hours, I was traveling south on I-95 in Palm Beach County with my wife and children when an extremely intoxicated driver in a red Chevrolet truck almost collided with our vehicle. I immediately called the *FHP number from my cellular phone and made contact with a very courteous dispatcher who remained on the phone with me, relaying important information to responding Troopers as the intoxicated driver was swaying from lane to lane and even struck a temporary construction wall at one point. The intoxicated driver, who very well could have killed someone if he was not stopped, exited onto Yamato Road where he ran a stop sign at the exit ramp without even slowing down and then ran a red light as he turned right onto Congress Avenue. Minutes later Trooper Roberts arrived and immediately took action to prevent the driver from continuing on at the intersection of Clint Moore Road. Trooper Roberts actions were very professional and courteous to both myself and the intoxicated driver. I have been in law enforcement for 11 years and know first hand how frustrating DUI investigations can be. I was very impressed with Trooper Roberts actions that day and want to express my gratitude to Trooper Roberts the unknown dispatcher and the Florida Highway Patrol. Trooper Roberts and the unknown dispatcher should be recognized, applauded and commended for their professionalism on that day. The two of them defined what "Professional Law Enforcement Service" is . Sincerely,

Detective Steven Davis
Broward Sheriffs Office


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