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This one is for the good guys. I've been a resident of the upper Keys for twenty years and work for a local limousine company. In my travels I get to meet a lot of the locals in the Florida keys and through the years I have heard a lot of people voice their negative opinion about our local law enforcement. [as if they could do it better] I Picked up a group of people in Key Largo it was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and their family were treating them to a night out on the town. We were heading south on the over seas highway when my right front tire blew out at mm 89. it didn't look good for their 8 o'clock dinner reservations. I got out to change the tire but was having trouble locating the jack. That's when officer Hitchcock of the Florida highway patrol pulled up to see if we were all right. When he saw it was a flat tire he radioed his base to say he would be out of his car for a few minutes then put on a pair of gloves and helped me change the tire. With the both of us working at it. It didn't take long to fix my problem and before long I was on my way. My guests made their reservations and had a great time. I've often heard and have probably said myself things such as "were are the cops when you need one"or "they should have handled that better." Well, the way I see it is they can't be everywhere at once and it is one of the toughest jobs there is and officer Hitchcock probably had more important things to do than help me change a tire but he took time out to help us to get us off the side of the road. living up to their motto to "to protect and serve." This man is a credit to his profession.
Thanks again officer Hitchcock!!!!.

Bob Dwyer
Key Largo, FL.


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