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Dear Col Knight:

On Thursday, the 21st of this month, Trooper Hinton paid a visit to our home in Oldsmar [Pinellas County] to do what he said was a 'welfare check'.

From what I was told, your office received an e-mail from a person unknown, which must have given our names and our address, and advised that the life of our Son, David Gregory Kern, was in grave danger. We do not know what that meant or what was intended.

I tracked down the Trooper [He had spoken with my Wife just as we were leaving for a Court matter and she did not recall his name] through the local or area office of Troop C. The dispatcher put me in contact with the Shift commander, Lt. Frear, who listened to my story and took the time to explain to me what he knew and what matters FHP does in fact investigate. I had always been under the impression that things of this nature were routinely referred to the local agency [city police or Sheriff] for any follow up.

Lt. Frear had trooper Hinton call and speak with me, and he further explained what he knew and how you receive a myriad of e mails which you and your staff review daily. Apparently, something about this one caught your attention and concern and I am surprised that it took on the tenor and importance it did.

I have always [since coming to FL in 1957] felt that the Florida Highway Patrol was a very high caliber agency with some of the most polite, courteous and duty attentive officers of any agency I had ever come in contact with. I have had contact with them all in Pinellas County at one time or another as well as in several other counties. You can always count on an FHP Officer being at the top of the list in professionalism, appearance, education, training and basic psychological tools in dealing with the public.

The purpose of this long-winded dissertation is to commend the Officers I have mentioned, and to perhaps have something, even a copy of this note, put in their jacket or file as a part of their record and dedication to duty and handling of the public. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how involved all were and how I was treated with courtesy and respect, something other agency officers have never learned and do not practice.

I wonder, in closing, if it would be possible for you to have a copy of the e-mail you received forwarded to me. It may well be that the tone and word usage of it will tell me who sent it in the first place. Curiosity has always been one of my weak suits.


David F. Kern, J.D.
Attorney at Law, Retired


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