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I am writing this e-mail to extend my family's sincerest thanks to the Florida Highway Patrol and Trooper Jake Fisher.

On Sunday afternoon, November 23, 2003, around 1500 hours my family and I were traveling home on I-95 from New Smyrna when we suffered mechanical problems with our vehicle. I was able to locate a safe area to stop on the interstate, but I was very concerned for the safety of my family (my wife, 9 year old daughter, her 8 year old friend, and 2 year old son). As a paramedic I am very familiar with the possible scenarios that can happen on a busy interstate highway.

I contacted a recovery service to take our car to a repair shop, but we would need to wait at least 45 minutes for the service to arrive, my anxiety level was beginning to increase. I was able to reach a friend to come and pickup my family, but it would be at least 30 minutes before they would arrive. After about 10 minutes of waiting along the interstate an FHP car pulled in behind us. The Trooper identified himself as Trooper Jake Fisher and he asked if he could lend any assistance. I told him what had happened and expressed my concern with my family's safety. I asked if would be possible for Trooper Fisher to take my family to a safer location off the interstate. Without any hesitation Trooper Fisher reconfigured his patrol car to accommodate my family. He then drove my family the short few miles to our house in Port Orange. I can't begin to express the relief I felt knowing that my family was being taken safely home by Trooper Fisher.

I can appreciate the concern some agencies may have transporting civilians in their vehicles. I am not sure if this is the case with the FHP. In any event, Trooper Fisher's obvious concern for the well being of my family, and accommodating demeanor made my family feel very welcome.

If Trooper Fisher's professional behavior is any indication of the quality of Troopers in the FHP, then it is my feeling that we have the best Highway Patrol in the Country.

Please pass this note on to Trooper Fisher's superiors and colleagues.


Daniel Scales
Port Orange, Fl 32128


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