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I just wanted to let someone know what a wonderful experience I had this morning thanks to one of FHP's finest troopers. Around 9am today I blew out the front passenger tire on my van while travelling south on I-295 around Jacksonville, FL. I pulled the car over to the emergency lane and got out to inspect the damage. The tire was completely blown and the rim was on the ground, so I didn't want to drive it to the next exit and risk ruining the rim. I had just called my husband on my cell phone to tell him what happened and to see if he could either come and help me or arrange a tow truck, when I saw the familiar flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror.

I did not catch the trooper's first name, but his number was 1451 and his last name was Elder. Trooper Elder called the Road Rangers, but didn't get a response, so he offered to change out the damaged tire for my donut spare. He was a perfect gentleman and refused to let me help in any way so that I wouldn't mess up my work clothes. When my jack failed under the weight of the van, he got his own jack and attempted to use both at once. When that also failed, he radioed his partner and asked him to bring over a heavier jack.

While we were waiting, the rain began coming down harder and harder. Trooper Elder explained that it wasn't safe for me to get back in my car since it was on the two jacks, so he insisted I wait in his car until his partner arrived. During that time he received another call, but told the dispatcher that he wasn't leaving me until his partner showed up with the heavier jack. Once his partner arrived, they worked together to change my tire in the rain. Trooper Elder waited until I pulled back into traffic before heading onwards to his next call.

Throughout the entire experience Trooper Elder was a model of courtesy, helpfullness, and professionalism. I just wanted someone to know how grateful I am that he was around to help me this morning.

Karen Lee


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