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Mr. Jeb Bush,

My daughter and I went to spend the day at one of the Disney water parks and on my way home to Auburndale, Florida my truck began to overheat. I coasted off I-4 down an off ramp (Champions Gate exit). As I was filling the radiator up with water from a ditch an officer pulled up and attempted to assist by: radioing for a road ranger, cutting a plastic bottle for my water gathering, watching my little 4 year old girl, and keeping us company until he was told by radio that the road ranger was on a shift change and would be a while. He then offered to give us a ride (out of the heat) to a Publix about 1/8 mile away. I refused the ride because I felt as though I had detained him enough and I had enough water in the radiator to get me to Publix.

I would like to compliment you and his supporting supervisors for the thought and recognition placed in the selection of outstanding people to serve as State Highway Patrol officers. This State Highway Patrol officer was working on I-4 west of Orlando today (8-29-03) between 1pm and 2pm. I tried to remember his name before writing this but I couldn't. I do remember he was a corporal, light red hair, ~mid 50s, ~5'10", and he stated he was moving to the turnpike in the next several days to patrol. He also told me he use to work for Publix Supermarkets many years ago as an Assistant Meat Manager.

Please forward this to the correct officer and his supervisor for me, as recognition for a job well done is worth gold.

Joe T. McCoy Jr.
Auburndale, FL.


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