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To Whom It May Concern:

On July 15, 2002 at 10:30 am I was traveling south on I95. I had gotten a frantic phone call from my Mother requesting that I drive her to Tampa because my Father was in the emergency room and needed to be transported back home to have an operation. I was upset and traveling fast because I was told he was in a lot of pain. I was pulled over and quickly explained the situation to the officer. He went back to his car (I assume to verify my Drivers License and Auto Tags). After a short time, and some prayers, Officer Haywood returned and gave me a warning. (I hope the spelling of his name is correct.) During the time that he was writing the warning notice, I was able to calm down and refocus my energies and concerns. Often, all a person needs is to be "reminded". I think this is one of the most positive services that an officer can relay to a driver.

Officer Haywood was quick, polite, and through. He did not make a bad situation worse, or make me feel worse. His actions created a positive effect on a negative situation. I did slow down and became more aware of my driving. He achieved "the goal" in a manner that has even had a lasting effect. I think this is a direct reflection of his character as a person, and as an officer. I also feel this speaks highly for the Florida Highway Patrol and it's officer training and management. I respectfully request that this letter be put in his personnel file so that it can be available for review when needed. I also request that a copy of this letter be given to Officer Haywood along with my heartfelt appreciation for his kindness and consideration.

Please feel free to contact me regarding this matter.

Kelly Boger

P. S. My father had the operation and, despite complications, he is well on his way to recovery.


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