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I'm writing this letter to inform you of the kindness of this gentleman. On the early morning of July 3rd around 3:15 am, I was driving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to pick up a friend, when along the Turnpike just before the Hollywood Exit (Exit 49), I had a flat tire, and was forced to pull over the side of the road, where a call box was located nearby. I went ahead and used the call box, and returned to my car to wait for help. Then a state trooper car, passed me, and then further ahead I saw him pull over, turn on his lights, and was backing towards me.

I got out of my car to greet the officer, who asked if I was alright, and I told him I used the call box to get help, and hopefully the tow truck would accept my Triple A card to cover the charges of having my car towed back to Miami. He asked me for my card, and called Triple A for me, and I told him that a friend of mine was waiting for me to be picked up. After informing me that help was on the way. He asked for my friend's phone number so that he could tell him that I'd be late to pick him up.

A kindness like this does not deserve to be bestowed then forgotten by the recipient, so I offer my many thanks to Officer Culver for his kindness, and I wish him, and all the troopers like him the very best while in service. Thank you again.


Jonas Lorzano

P.S. I wish he had given me his first name as well, just to avoid confusion in case there is more than one Culver in your service.


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