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Dear Sirs:

I reside in Port Charlotte, Fl and work for the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. Last weekend while in Miami visiting my nephew in the Jackson Memorial Trauma Center, my mother and I experienced car trouble while traveling north on the Florida Turnpike near Hollywood at the Homestead Exit 4X. I called FHP for help as we don't live in Miami and didn't have any family or friends to call, also it was about 10:00 pm, a very late hour for 2 ladies to be stranded on the highway!

First I want to compliment your dispatch staff, the operator who took my call was very kind and when the trooper she dispatched couldn't find us she called me back to make sure we were okay and to clarify our exact location!

Trooper Alvarez responded to our call for help, he pulled jumper cables out of his trunk and got my vehicle started, but that wasn't good enough for him, he said he wanted to follow us down the road a bit to make sure we were safely on our way and didn't have any further problems. He was right in his assessment of our difficulties, within 1/2 mile my car died again and Trooper Alverez was right there behind me to help us resolve our problem. He offered to take us to our Fort Lauderdale destination but advised it would be dangerous to leave our vehicle on the road side. He then waited while I called our insurance company and arranged for towing service. Secure that we had assistance on the way he left advising that he would be checking our location within an hour to be sure our tow truck arrived and got us safely picked up.

He made me feel secure as I waited for the tow truck knowing that he would be back to check and surely did go above and beyond the call of duty to assure our safety! What a friendly and helpful trooper you have in him!

Service to the community is rare these days and I just wanted his superiors to recognize his fine qualities and dedication to community service. I'm sure he had better things to do on Friday night at 10:00 that watch over a couple of out of towners with unexpected car trouble! Also I couldn't help noticing that at least 4 Law Enforcement vehicles passed us by while we were waiting for help as though they didn't even see us, and I was standing outside my vehicle waving for assistance! Please be sure to pass my appreciation on to Trooper Alvarez and let him know that we did arrive safely home in Port Charlotte on Sunday after having alternator, battery and spark plugs replaced.

Very gratefully,
Judy Riley


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