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I accidentally stumbled across your site. It is very well done. The atmosphere is one of helpfulness and neighborly assistance. The real time accident pages give a very strong impression that all is up and up and nothing is being hidden. I was glad that I did not see a hint of that Ninja Swat Team stuff where the Sheriff and his posse go out with covered faces to enjoy an evening of routing the civilians.

A good strong image maker. GOOD JOB.

My question is about a road sign that I see but don't understand. It is a rectangular sign. I believe that it has a white background. There is a (perhaps blue??) circle that takes up the width of the sign and in the circle is a black silhouette of what I think is the rear of a large truck. Sort of a large box with two supports where the wheels would be. Under the circle are the letters "STAA".

I have searched the web but this sign just doesn't pop up for me.

Thanks for your help and thanks for the superior web site.



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