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I'm not for sure if I am sending this to the correct address or not, but I couldn't find another one. I have a story to tell - and if this is the incorrect place to send it to, I hope you will forward it to the correct place for me.

I am from Dillon, South Carolina. On Friday ( 8/31/2001), my friend and I left for a trip to Panama City, Florida. When we made it to Tallahassee, our car broke down on interstate I-10 right at mile marker 213. It was around 11 p:m: that night and we didn't know what to do. We were 500 miles away from home and felt absolutely helpless. We managed to find out the number to the Florida State Patrol and shortly after we made the car - a man by the name of Officer Gallon came to us. He picked us up off the interstate and took us to the nearest motel and we were so thankful. Sometime during the night - he was traveling the interstate and noticed that something was blowing out the window. It was my clothes and he realized that we had left the window down on the passenger side of the car. It was raining and he stopped to check and see if it looked as if someone had broken in. He took one of my shirts and hung it over the window to keep the rain from coming in the car. Afterwards he went back to the motel at approx. 5 a:m:. He did not know our names, but somehow he found out what room we were in. He called us and said if we would meet him outside with the keys, he would go back to the car and roll the window up and lock it. Then he came back to the motel and brought the keys back.

I want this officer to be commended for this act. He went above and beyond his duty to help us. We were 500 miles away from home and very upset and he helped aleviate a lot of our stress by helping us.

I will never forget what he done and I just hope this somehow gets back to him so he will know how we feel about it.

Again - I want to thank the state of Florida and most of all Officer Gallon for being there to help us.

Debbie B. Housand
Fred Barnhill, Jr.


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