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Trooper Jimmie D. Davis Jr.
Trooper Daniel A. Deweese
Corporal Spencer M. Ross
Lt. Jimmie Collins and Lt. Ronald Langdale
Trooper D.A. Sims
Lt. Mike Rushing
Lt. Mike Burroughs
Lt. Daniel W. Campbell
Trooper John A.Benton
Trooper M.D. Hensley
Trooper MacKenzie A. Reynolds
Corporal Richard V. Warden
Trooper Frank Tomlinson
Lt. Mike Burroughs
Trooper Thomas A. Kushmer
Sgt. Paul J. Kopriva
Lt. Pasco Santangelo
Trooper Peter Rodrigues
Troop G Personnel
Trooper Natasha D. Langston


Trooper Henry Ortiz
Trooper Michael J.Foti
Trooper Carl Simpson
Trooper Larry Coggins
Trooper Pete Gilbert
Trooper Michael L. Henderson
Trooper Richard D. May
Trooper Middleton
Trooper Mike Cross
Sgt Andy Brown and Trooper J.B. Stuart
Trooper Jason Eason
Trooper Todd Bergman
Lt. Mike Rushing, Trooper Barbara Ehrhart, and Trooper Gerry Smith
Trooper John Edwards
Trooper Daniel J. Davis and Trooper Thomas L. Hultgreen
Trooper Robert Asbill
Trooper Brannon Snead
Trooper Charlie Caulk
Troopers Timothy O. Strickland and Robert C. Roux
Corporal Jefferson W. Brock
Trooper Thomas Colalillo
Corporal A. W. Sapp and Trooper Luis Rios
Troop D Personnel


Duty Officer Larry Robison
Duty Officer Vicki Hester
Duty Officer Melba Hunter
Trooper Stephen Allain and Trooper James Mason
Capt. Brent Coates and Trooper Tom Colalillo
Trooper Brannon Sneed
Trooper Kellie McMillan
Sgt Clay Murphy
South Florida Troopers
Trooper Benoit


Trooper Eddie J. Moarer
Corporal William T. Grubbs
Trooper Cynthia Avans-Delahoz
Spencer Ross
Trooper Brian Speigner
Chief Austin
Trooper Henry Ortiz
Trooper James Bregon
Corporal Hendrix
Trooper Chris Dickens
Trooper Gerry Smith
Trooper Fred Jackson
Trooper Snead
Trooper P. L. England and Trooper P. J. Perrotta
Troop E
Trooper Lynn
Officer Brannon Snead
Trooper Larry Coggins
Corporal Stewart Smith, Trooper Richard Elliot, & Trooper Wes Lenderwood
Trooper Remington
Troop G
All Troop G Personnel
Trooper Boehm


Trooper Nathaniel Gallon
Officer R. L. Sullivan
Trooper John Edwards
Trooper E.J. Hammock
Trooper Darryl Haywood
Spencer M. Ross
Capt. Deryl Loar
Trooper P.L. England
Lt. Paul France
Trooper Overstreet
Trooper Mark S. Weber
Sgt. Nicholas Causey & Sgt. Jennings
Trooper R.C. Noisier
Captain McEreath, Lt. Lamont, Lt. Richburg
Trooper King
Troopers Conya Bassett and Ben Fargo
Trooper P.D. DeCarlo
Trooper Jason Degagne


Trooper Richard Moore
Trooper Shepherd
Major David Kelly
Trooper Robert Young


Trooper J.V. Allen


Cpl. Owen T. Keen


Commendation Letters
Trooper Recognition
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