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October through December, 2009

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DO Holt
Duty Officer Lesley Holt
Troop K (Lake Worth)

DO Patrick
Duty Officer April Patrick
Troop K (Lake Worth)

Congratulations to Duty Officer’s Lesley Holt and April Patrick for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Duty Officer of the Quarter for October thru December 2009, for their efforts and teamwork while dispatching an in-progress road rage incident on November 07, 2009.

RDO April Patrick received a call from a motorist who advised that she was a victim of a road rage incident and the other driver was ramming her vehicle. The caller was not certain of her exact location; however she was on the Florida’s Turnpike. RDO Patrick attempted to instruct the driver to separate herself from the other driver but was unsuccessful as the other vehicle continued to follow her. In the meantime RDO Lesley Holt dispatched two units to attempt to locate the caller. RDO Patrick stayed on the telephone with the victim for over eight minutes and calmly asked her questions in order to determine her current location.

As RDO Patrick continued to gather information, RDO Holt updated members in the field. Despite instructions to stay on the Turnpike, the caller exited and started driving around on side streets. RDO Holt took over the call and attempted to get locations and updates on the situation to pass along to our units, while RDO Patrick began making calls to other agencies for assistance off the Turnpike. The other vehicle continued to follow and ram the victim until law enforcement appeared in the area. The suspect vehicle then backed off and disappeared. RDO Patrick was able to confirm the location of the caller through the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

RDO Holt continued dispatching information to our field units for approximately 1 hour. After meeting with the victim, the investigating trooper was able to locate the suspect at her home address and subsequently placed her under arrest.

Both RDO Patrick and RDO Holt performed their duties in a calm and professional manner throughout this situation. Their persistent efforts while providing support to everyone involved in this incident exemplifies the very best of what our duty officers are expected to handle at any given time. They both are congratulated for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Duty Officer of the Quarter for October through December 2009.

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