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Lt. Harris presents Cpl. Harrigill with an ABCD award.
Lt. Harris presents Cpl. Harrigill (left) with an ABCD award.

In February 2012, Cpl. Rob Harrigill, Florida Highway Patrol Pensacola District, inquired about a car rental at a local Enterprise Rent-A-Car location. In passing conversation, the manager told Harrigill about a vehicle rented from his location and never returned. The manager had reported the theft to local authorities Oct. 19, 2011, but the vehicle had not been recovered. Harrigill asked the manager to provide him with the theft information so that he could attempt to find the stolen vehicle.

When Harrigill returned to work, he began searching records and databases and tracked the suspect through Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and eventually to an address in Phoenix. Harrigill contacted the Phoenix Police Department and relayed information about the case and the suspect’s possible address. Fifteen minutes later he received a call from the Phoenix Police Department who said they had recovered the stolen vehicle and had the suspect in custody. Harrigill then contacted the manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car to advise him that the vehicle had been recovered.

Harrigill went above and beyond to assist Enterprise Rent-A-Car in recovering a vehicle


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