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To help fill FHP’s ranks with the most qualified and professional applicants possible, we have implemented Operation EFFORT (Ensuring Florida’s Future with Opportunity and Recruitment of Troopers), a special operation that focuses on intensifying recruitment, selection, and appointment of qualified trooper applicants to allow for a faster and more effective hiring process.

Click Here for details on changes to the hiring process.

Recent budgetary shortfalls in our state have negatively affected the number of authorized FHP trooper positions for our agency. Currently, FHP Background and Recruitment staff are stepping up recruitment and background investigation activities with one goal in mind—to fill all vacant trooper positions with qualified applicants as soon as possible.

Operation EFFORT will reduce the Patrol’s application-to-hiring time frame by at least three months. We are streamlining our processing and background procedures to allow us to offer a qualified applicant employment within six to eight weeks. Reducing the hiring process from six months to two months or less has been a monumental task. However, improvements have been made without compromising the hard earned reputation and standards of the Patrol.

This special operation will be intensive and continuous, serving to remind all of us that the job of securing the future of the Patrol rests on our shoulders. We must put forth the extra effort to recruit, hire, and train those who will enter our ranks and serve the people of Florida. The ability for the Patrol to replace troopers who have retired, resigned, or left the agency is mission critical to us and of vital importance to our citizens. We challenge each of you to join us in support of Operation EFFORT, and do your part by Ensuring Florida’s Future with Opportunity and Recruitment of Troopers!

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