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Turnpike Prepares for Hurricane Season

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Members discussing evacuation options.

As the start of the Hurricane season comes upon Floridians once again, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise and the Florida Highway Patrol, Troop K, rehearsed emergency evacuation plans for South Florida residents who may use the Florida Turnpike as an evacuation route. The purpose of the rehearsal was to outline the requirements and responsibilities of an evacuation in the event of a hurricane. Members from FHP, Turnpike Emergency Management Operations, and the Traffic Management Team simulated a hurricane threat to South Florida that required the evacuation of affected residents. The simulated exercise helped prepare personnel for an actual event and identified challenges that might have to be met. Several worse case scenarios were simulated and practiced along with the planned response. These kinds of exercises are critical to Florida’s hurricane preparedness plans. Residents should also prepare and practice what they will do in case of a hurricane. It is important to plan now and assemble or check their hurricane survival kits and supplies before a hurricane strikes.

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