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Trooper Recognized by Jacksonville 200 Club

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Trooper Frost recognized by Jacksonville 200 Club President.
Trooper Frost is recognized by the Jacksonville 200 Club President.

Trooper Kenneth Frost was recognized recently by the Jacksonville 200 Club at their annual banquet held at the Timacuanna Country Club. The 200 Club honors police and fire rescue personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty throughout the previous year. The club members, made up of businessmen and women around the Jacksonville area, also assist family members of those injured and killed.

Captain Kelley, Lt. Tompkins, Lt. Leeper, and Trooper Frost
Captain Rick Kelley, Lt. Ron Tompkins, Lt. Bill Leeper, and Trooper Kenneth Frost

Trooper Frost was honored for apprehending two suspects who had robbed a local woman. While off duty in a department store in Jacksonville, Trooper Kenneth Frost heard a lady scream that she had been robbed. He then observed two individuals being chased by some concerned citizens. Trooper Frost ran to his pickup truck and drove around the corner of the building to stop the suspects. He drove up close to the suspects, exited his truck, and identified himself as a police officer, verbally ordering them to stop.

The suspects ignored Trooper Frost and continued to run toward the back perimeter of the shopping center. Trooper Frost got back into his truck and pursued them a short distance. He saw one of the suspects throw a purse over a concrete wall and begin to climb it. As Trooper Frost approached them on foot, he grabbed one of the suspects and detained him in the bed of his pickup truck until officers from JSO arrived to take him into custody.

As additional JSO officers responded to look for the second suspect, Trooper Frost climbed the wall and observed the individual on the far side of a retention pond. Trooper Frost got back into his truck and drove around the other side of the pond, jumped out, and ran down the suspect on foot. He took him into custody.

Both suspects were charged with strong armed robbery, and transported to the Duval County Jail. The purse was recovered and returned to the victim. If not for the alert actions of Trooper Frost, this crime may not have been solved. Trooper Frost was also selected as Florida’s Trooper of the Month for September 2007 for his brave actions.


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