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Trooper Stops Two Jumpers

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Trooper Glasco
Trooper Roger L. Glasco

Twice in one night Trooper Roger Glasco thwarted suicide attempts from the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Shortly after 4:00 AM while on routine patrol of the bridge, Trooper Glasco saw an SUV parked at the top. Thinking the vehicle was abandoned, he pulled his patrol car behind the vehicle. Suddenly, the driver took off. Trooper Glasco pulled over the driver. The female driver began to cry, explaining that she was going to jump off the bridge. She pleaded for help. Trooper Glasco transported her to a local mental health clinic to seek the professional help she needed.

Upon returning to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to complete the remainder of his shift, Trooper Glasco saw a pickup truck parked on the top of the bridge. Nearby, a person was standing on the cement barrier wall. As Trooper Glasco approached, the person began to yell threats that he would jump. With back up on the way, Trooper Glasco was able to talk the man down from the barrier wall and away from the edge of the bridge. Trooper Glasco continued to talk to the man and offered to get him help. The man was also transported to the mental health clinic for necessary treatment.

Thanks to Trooper Glasco and FHP’s Suicide Prevention Patrol on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, two more lives were saved.


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