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What is Drive Safely Work Week?

Now in its 11th year, Drive Safely Work Week is a National campaign that sets aside the first week of October every year to promote the safety and health of the Nation’s workforce. This year's message places the responsibility for safe driving upon employees to Take charge of your driving behavior. Reduce your crash risk!

Employees are encouraged to take the opportunity during the week of October 1-5, 2007, to exercise extra care while driving to and from their workplaces. One of the best ways for employees to stay safe on the roadway is to pay attention behind the wheel, obey speed limits, practice good defensive driving skills, and stay educated about current traffic laws. Since employees tend to share what they know with their families and friends, this helps spread the safety message and increases the potential to improve the attitudes and behaviors of a great many drivers.

The main focus of Drive Safely Work Week is to:

  1. Save the lives of employees, their families, and members of the community
  2. Protect employees from the human, economic, and liability costs associated with traffic crashes
  3. Demonstrate good citizenship among employees and encourage them to do their part to make the roads safer for everyone

The most dangerous part of the workday for most employees is the time they spend in their vehicles traveling to and from work.

Did you know?

  • Every 5 seconds a crash occurs.
  • Every 7 seconds a property damage crash occurs.
  • Every 10 seconds there is a traffic-related injury.
  • Every 2 minutes there is an alcohol-related traffic injury.
  • Every 12 minutes someone dies in a roadway crash.
  • Every 31 minutes an alcohol-related traffic fatality occurs.

Many of these incidents occur during the workday, especially during the morning and evening commutes. In fact, one in four work-related deaths is attributed to a traffic-related trauma. With 91% of all employees commuting to and from work, employees have an opportunity to make a difference on our nation’s roadways by improving their driving actions and behaviors behind the wheel.

For a list of safe driving tips and National driving statistics, please visit: www.trafficsafety.org


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