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The Florida Highway Patrol trooper is trained to react in a variety of scenarios, whether on or off duty - from stopping reckless drivers, to helping victims in vehicle crashes, or to locating and seizing contraband. Several Troop C troopers have recently demonstrated how well their training came in handy when they needed it the most.

Corporal William Nowling

Lakeland District Corporal Bill Nowling recently attempted to stop a vehicle for unlawful speed in southern Polk County. However, the driver of the vehicle had other plans -- to flee. Refusing to stop, the driver took evasive action and fled from Corporal Nowling, who had just learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen days earlier. Knowing that the vehicle was traveling on a dead end road, Corporal Nowling allowed the driver to continue toward the orange groves at the end of the road, a place where he has recovered dozens of stolen vehicles over the past 20+ years in Polk County. The suspect, however, surprised Corporal Nowling by making a U-turn and driving straight toward his patrol car. Corporal Nowling swerved, avoiding a collision, and he quickly turned around to follow the cloud of dust left behind. Moments later, he located the vehicle and three occupants, but no driver. Luckily, the driver did not get away, thanks to a local rancher who spotted him walking around his property.

Trooper Hazen Ogden

Brooksville Trooper Hazen Ogden recently stopped an aggressive driver on Interstate 75 in Sumter County. While waiting for the driver to produce his license, registration, and proof of insurance, Trooper Ogden noticed the smell of burnt marijuana. When the driver opened his glove compartment to retrieve his vehicle information, Trooper Ogden observed two baggies containing contraband. The driver was arrested, and a further search of the vehicle by the trooper and the Brooksville District CIP (Contraband Interdiction Program) team revealed over a kilo of cocaine concealed in the vehicle's interior.

Trooper Carlos Rosario

While enjoying a day off, Lakeland District Trooper Carlos Rosario was sitting in traffic in Polk County when he observed a vehicle crash, which resulted in a car ending up in a lake where it was becoming submerged. Trooper Rosario summoned for help, dove into the water, and pulled the driver out of the sinking car. By the time Trooper Rosario brought the man ashore, Polk County Fire Rescue had arrived. They treated the man for his injuries.

K-9 Draco

Tampa District K-9 Draco recently added another seizure to his record during a traffic stop in Hillsborough County. Tampa Troopers Steve Varnell and Bob Lanese stopped a sports utility vehicle for an equipment violation, only to learn that the driver was unlicensed and the vehicle's tag was improper. At the direction of his handler, K-9 Draco jumped out of the patrol car and went to work. After a brief exterior search of the vehicle, Draco alerted to the presence of drugs. A subsequent search revealed a significant amount of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and over $11,000 in cash.

Well done Troop C troopers!


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