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Sergeant Luis Badia and his Cessna.
Sergeant Luis Badia and his Cessna.

On February 28, 2006, at 3:30 PM in Brevard County, Sgt. Luis Badia, age 42, was flying a Florida Highway Patrol Cessna aircraft during a traffic enforcement detail. While in flight, a seagull flew into the right side of the windshield, causing it to shatter. Sgt. Badia was forced to make an emergency landing in a cow pasture off of State Road 407 near State Road 528 (the Beachline). During the emergency landing, Sgt. Badia clipped a fence, but managed to keep the plane upright. He was taken to Parish Medical Hospital in Titusville, where he was treated and released. The Federal Aviation Administration was called in to inspect the plane before it was towed back to the airport and repaired. Sgt. Badia has been an FHP pilot since 1999.

Cessna after crash, inside view. Cessna after crash, outside view.

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