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FHP Training Academy
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FHP Training Academy Class Activities
Occupant Protection & Child Passenger Safety
Contraband Interdiction Program

Principles of Training
There are five basic principles, which apply to most kinds of dog training. To be successful, the handler must thoroughly understand the principles and how they apply to narcotic training.

Mechanics of Training
Dog handlers work with their dogs on a daily basis, as their partners in law enforcement. The average person has to know ''how'' to make their dog perform. A student of the FHP Narcotic Detection Academy must know the ''whys'' and be able to explain them.

Aspects of Training
A dog's ability to grasp ideas is like that of a child who has not yet learned to speak and understand the spoken word. If we want a child to look up, we wave a rattle above the child's head to create a response. A dog does not have a mental process to work out cause and affect. Therefore, the student must look for and develop the dog's natural disposition and limited intelligence during training.

Tools of Training

  • Towels: (washed, folded, taped) There were 4,440 towels used during the Narcotic Academy. These towels were folded, rolled and taped.

  • Yards of String: 6,600 yards of string were used to tie the Reward (towel) in with the narcotic source.

  • Yards of Tape: 480 yards of tape were used to roll the towels.

  • Number of Loads of Laundry: there were 88 loads of towels washed during the Academy.

  • Number of Hides: there were 2,250 narcotic hides in vehicles, buildings, buses and in practical field exercises during the Academy.

  • Number of Narcotic Searches: there were 2,250 searches conducted by the canines during the Academy.

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Contraband Interdiction Program


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