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FHP Crackdown On Toll Booth Cheaters

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Published on Thursday, October 26, 2006
in the CBS4 News

"Toll Abuse, No Excuse" campaign

Drivers caught not paying tolls will get a $87.50 ticket

POMPANO BEACH A lot of us don’t like paying tolls but cheating at the tolls is a problem that’s costing the state $20 million so now Florida Highway Patrol troopers are cracking down on toll booth cheaters.

FHP officials have launched a new campaign called “Toll Abuse, No Excuse” which is designed to ticket drivers who shortchange the state by driving through SunPass lanes without a SunPass.

The “Toll Abuse, No Excuse” campaign is taking place in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

CBS4’S Joan Murray rode along with an FHP trooper Thursday morning who pulled over and ticketed several drivers for blowing through the tolls without paying.

The excuses came fast and furious, excuses like “I left my SunPass at home”, and “the battery in my SunPass died”. There’s also the popular, “I left my SunPass in my other car.” But troopers aren’t taking any excuses, they’re simply ticketing the drivers who go through tolls without paying.

The state says the Turnpike lost $20 million last year and that’s money that could have built a new interchange, according to Turnpike authorities.

Remember, troopers have heard all the excuses. So if you don’t have your SunPass transponder or it’s not working, go through a regular lane or an attendant lane and pay the toll or risk paying an even higher price, a $87.50 ticket if you go through without paying.

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