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Duty Officers Crowell and Stoltz
Duty Officers Casey Crowell and Shannan Stoltz

This letter is to commend and make note of an incident where two of our Duty Officers personally assisted a citizen involved in a crash.

On March 17, 2005, Duty Officers Casey Crowell and Shannan Stoltz were gathering at the Chili’s restaurant located on Appalachee Pkwy, for a squad meeting. While standing near the entrance of the building the Duty Officers heard a car speeding up the service road next to the Parkway and turned to see where the noise was coming from.

Duty Officer Crowell reported that as soon as she saw the vehicle, she noticed that it was swerving all over the road. The driver obviously did not have control of the vehicle. The vehicle crashed head on into a tree. Duty Officer Crowell immediately dialed 911 and started running toward the vehicle to aid the crash victim. Duty Officer Crowell gave the information to the 911 operator and requested assistance from police, ambulance and fire rescue, due to the fact that the vehicle was smoking from both the engine and inside the vehicle.

Duty Officer Stoltz having witnessed the same crash was also running toward the car to assist the victim. When the victim was safely away from the smoking vehicle, Duty Officer Stoltz then started asking the victim questions to test his coherence. Soon paramedics, police and fire arrived and began to assist the bleeding victim. Duty Officers Crowell and Stoltz stayed and gave emergency personnel the information on what they had witnessed.

It is not often that Duty Officers are able to assist citizens from the other side of the radio and in my opinion; that both of these Duty Officers should be commended for going the extra mile to assist this citizen.


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