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Trooper Hit By Aggressive Driver

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Trooper Jacques's patrol car after being struck by an aggressive driver on I-75.
Trooper Jacques's patrol car after being struck
by an aggressive driver on I-75.

From time to time troopers are reminded why they place their lives on the line each and every day for the people traveling on Florida's roadways. On a recent afternoon on Interstate 75 in Tampa, one such reminder was made very clear when an aggressive driver, endangering the lives of fellow motorists and one of our troopers, caused a 3-vehicle crash that cost him his life.

Trooper Adam Jacques had parked under an overpass in the center median and stood outside his patrol car to conduct a laser speed enforcement detail of southbound traffic on a busy stretch of I-75. Suddenly, a speeding motorist improperly changed lanes, cutting off a tractor-trailer and colliding with the tractor's front right corner. The impact caused the speeding vehicle to spin out of control and slide into the rear of Trooper Jacques's patrol car, pushing Trooper Jacques to the ground.

The end result was a sprained ankle for the Trooper, a totaled patrol car, and a damaged semi-truck. Unfortunately, the event ended tragically for the aggressive driver. Ironically, this is the exact driving behavior and resulting tragedy that Trooper Jacques and all of our troopers statewide work hard to prevent.


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