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Colonel Knight and fellow troopers standing in front of the new Marauder fleet.
Colonel Chris Knight and fellow troopers
stand in front of the new Marauder fleet.

The Florida Highway Patrol officially unveiled its newest frontline enforcement tool -- The Mercury Marauder. Eighteen of these unmarked, high-tech performance vehicles have been generously donated to FHP from a private citizen who chooses to remain anonymous. The new fleet of stealth cars will be used to enhance the agency's ability to deter and apprehend aggressive drivers. These new vehicles will play a key role in FHP's campaign against aggressive driving and DUI enforcement, supporting current efforts to keep those drivers who endanger themselves and others off Florida’s roadways!

FHP received extensive media coverage for the unveiling of the new stealth vehicles.
FHP received extensive media coverage
for the unveiling of the new stealth vehicles.

Aggressive driving is an issue of national concern. It has become a serious problem in many of Florida's high traffic, metropolitan areas, as well. Aggressive drivers pose a very real threat to motorists on our roadways, and are responsible for a high percentage of traffic violations such as speeding, running red lights & stop signs, and tailgating. Because aggressive drivers exhibit an overall disregard for the safety of other motorists, they must be stopped. Aggressive driving behavior can easily escalate into criminal violence known as road rage. Many of us have heard horrific stories from all across the nation of motorists who have been run off the road, threatened with violence, or even injured or killed by other drivers--many for trivial reasons.

Florida's residents and visitors are crying out for relief from the threats they encounter every day on our roadways. The Florida Highway Patrol is rising to the challenge! Earlier this year, FHP launched Operation Safe Ride, an intensive enforcement effort that targeted aggressive drivers on our major roadways. Because the operation was so successful, FHP has plans to repeat the campaign in 2005.

In addition to our current enforcement endeavors, FHP will continue to educate the public through its statewide traffic safety campaigns, using public service announcements on TV, radio, billboards, and its popular website to spread the word about the dangers of aggressive driving behavior. The inclusion of the new Marauders will greatly enhance FHP's enforcement efforts during special operations and year-round patrol activities, especially in our high traffic areas across the state.

The Mercury Marauder is an excellent stealth vehicle for use in detecting and apprehending aggressive drivers. These unmarked Marauders are specially equipped with covert lighting packages, emergency sirens, the latest speed measuring devices, and state-of-the-art audio/video recording systems designed to provide valuable recorded documentation needed for court presentation and prosecution of violators.

Each Mercury Marauder has been assigned to an experienced trooper who has demonstrated exemplary dedication and commitment to highway safety. The troopers who will drive these vehicles have each completed specialized training in high performance vehicle operation, as well as additional training in the detection and apprehension of aggressive drivers.

FHP's ten troops throughout the state have in the past and will continue to dedicate every resource available to identify, cite, or arrest aggressive drivers who are placing others at risk. The Florida Highway Patrol is optimistic that the addition of these new stealth vehicles will assist us in our efforts in curbing the alarming number of injuries and fatalities caused by aggressive drivers each year in the State of Florida.

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