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Sergeant Johnson, Trooper Brown, Corporal Warden, and Trooper McNair.
L to R: Sergeant J.D. Johnson, Trooper Milton Brown,
Corporal Rick Warden, and Trooper Archie McNair.

Recently, four troopers received the prestigious Medal of Valor Award -- the highest honor bestowed upon an individual by the Florida Highway Patrol. Sergeant J. D. Johnson, Corporal Rick Warden, Trooper Milton Brown, and Trooper Archie McNair were recognized by the FHP for their personal and distinguished acts of heroism, rising above and beyond the call of duty.

Troop A Honorees and their families.
Troop A Honorees and their families.

On November 9, 2004, surrounded by their family, friends and co-workers, Sergeant Johnson, Corporal Warden, and Trooper Brown were presented with the Medal of Valor Award for their heroic actions in the line of duty. The ceremony took place at the Agriculture facility next to the FHP station in Marianna. Troop A Commander Major Randy Brown and FHP Director Colonel Christopher A. Knight were on hand to make the presentations.

Sergeant Johnson was instrumental in bringing a dangerous situation to a conclusion when he staked out and subsequently pursued armed bank robbery suspects in Jackson County on December 27, 2002. While receiving gunfire, Sergeant Johnson placed himself in peril and was able to stop the suspect's vehicle before any innocent persons were injured. Due to the quick thinking and brave action of this officer this incident was brought to a successful and safe conclusion. Sergeant Johnson was recognized by the Patrol as December 02's Trooper of the Month.

Read more about Sergeant Johnson's story:

Corporal Warden and Trooper Brown responded to a shooting incident in Bonifay, Florida on March 27, 2004. Officer Stephen Lee, a Bonifay police officer, had just responded to a call at a residence which ultimately turned violent. The officer was shot by a subject at the house he responded to and called for assistance. Hearing of this, Corporal Warden immediately responded and notified Trooper Brown via radio. Trooper Brown was nearby and immediately responded as well. Corporal Warden arrived first to find Officer Lee shot and on the ground. The suspect was standing in his yard with an assault rifle aimed in his direction. Corporal Warden then placed his patrol car in between the suspect and the officer in order to protect him. He then fired at the suspect to protect them both. Trooper Brown also arrived and parked in a strategic location not far from Warden. Brown then exited his vehicle with his shotgun and began working his way towards the front of the suspect’s house via the ditch on the opposite side of the street. By then the suspect had retreated inside his house and was firing at both troopers repeatedly with the rifle. They returned gunfire as needed during the course of the entire event until its conclusion. Both are credited with helping to save Lee’s life by placing themselves in great danger to assist their fellow officer. They were named as co-Troopers of the month for March 2004.

FHPA Lt. Porter, Trooper McNair, and Major Guzman.
L to R: FHPA Lt. James Porter, Trooper Archie McNair,
and Major Miguel Guzman.

On October 29, 2004, at a ceremony held in his honor, Trooper Archie McNair was presented with the Medal of Valor Award. The ceremony was conducted at Troop L's Davie station where Major Miguel Guzman praised Trooper McNair for his heroic actions that saved the life of fellow Auxiliary Trooper Lt. James Porter. Trooper McNair, a 23-year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol, is assigned to Troop L - Lantana, where he serves as his troop's background investigator.

Read more about Trooper McNair's story:

Sergeant J.D. Johnson, Corporal Rick Warden, Trooper Milton Brown, and Trooper Archie McNair are to be commended for their acts of heroism and are hereby recognized as most worthy recipients of the Florida Highway Patrol's most distinguished award, the Medal of Valor.


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