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Traffic backed up on bridge after crash.
Estimated damage: $100,000
Number of vehicles affected: Countless

A chain reaction of nine traffic crashes involving 29 vehicles snarled traffic during a recent morning rush hour on Interstate 275 going into downtown Tampa. One thing led to another as motorists began slowing down due to inclement weather. A full 60 seconds of cars sliding into one another left Troop C personnel with what could have been a catastrophe, but luckily resulted in only three minor injuries and about a dozen cars having to be towed away. The real problem was the countless motorists that were stuck in traffic. The Howard Frankland Bridge is one of Florida's busiest thoroughfares.

Teamwork between Tampa Personnel, including Captain Carlos Vazquez, Lieutenant Arron McClain, Sergeant David Powell, Troop Public Affairs Officer Trooper Larry Coggins, Corporal Jeff Johnson, Trooper Jack Hypes, Trooper Jessee Hinson, Trooper Eric French, Community Service Officer Tom Dunlop, and Pinellas Park Troopers Tom Kelly and Tom Gilbert all grabbed a piece of the action and together, were able to open all travel lanes of Interstate 275 in less than 2 hours and 20 minutes - Great Job!


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