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Trooper Van Leer and K-9 Goose
Trooper Michael Van Leer and
K-9 Goose speak to the audience.

Recently, Troops K and L participated in demonstrations for Florida Turnpike Operations employees and their children. This consisted of the Patrol's TRT (Tactical Response Team), the Rollover Simulator, and Canine demonstrations. There were also patrol vehicles on display, including the LAV 150 (Light Armored Vehicle) and the Chevrolet Camaro.

Trooper  Fargo, K-9 Goblin, and Captain Pelton
Trooper Benjamin Fargo and K-9 Goblin
"get" the bad guy (Captain Bradford Pelton).

Trooper Benjamin Fargo, with assistance from Captain Brad Pelton, demonstrated a situation where he had to use K-9 Goblin to subdue a subject. Trooper Mike Van Leer explained the K-9 program and also conducted demonstrations with K-9 Goose.

TRT demonstrating a rescue mission with one member rappelling down the side of a building The LAV 150 ready to go

Troop L's TRT conducted Tactical Demonstrations. One showed a member rappelling from the Turnpike Operations Building, while another showed Lieutenant Richard Vore leading his team on a simulated rescue mission with the LAV 150 standing by for a quick getaway. The demonstrations were educational and fun, which resulted in a successful event.


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