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Trooper Saves Baby's Life

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Trooper Ramone Gregory
Ramone Gregory

Trooper Ramone Gregory was walking his dog early one morning, while off duty, when he noticed a neighbor frantically trying to get someone to help her. Her one month old son had stopped breathing and was unresponsive.

Trooper Gregory cleared the baby's airway and began to perform CPR. After a few moments, he began to breathe and respond, but his breathing was shallow. Trooper Gregory, uneasy about the victim's condition, felt that there was not enough time to wait for an ambulance, especially since the hospital was nearby. Trooper Gregory loaded up mother and child in his car and took them to South Florida Baptist Hospital in Plant City, where doctors were able to treat him for a digestive disorder.

The baby boy is alive today thanks to Trooper Gregory's quick response and willingness to help a neighbor in time of need. Trooper Gregory has been with the Florida Highway Patrol for 1 1/2 years and was a Plant City Police Officer for 2 1/2 years prior to his employment with the FHP. He is currently stationed in Troop C - Tampa District.


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