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Trooper of the Month - April 2004

Trooper Frazier
Trooper Colise Frazier

Trooper Kibler
Trooper Jennifer Kibler

Trooper Colise Frazier and Trooper Jennifer Kibler, Troop G-St. Augustine, are credited with saving the life of a truck driver who was involved in a serious traffic crash. The two troopers were working security at the St. Johns County Rest Area on April 21st, when, at approximately 11:40 PM, a semi that had just left the rest area traveling southbound on I-95 and a second semi, also traveling southbound, were involved in a traffic crash. The driver of the second semi apparently fell asleep and ran into the back of the other truck. After impact, the semi that was struck from behind caught on fire. The driver was trapped inside his crushed cab, which was pinned against a metal guardrail.

Troopers Frazier and Kibler heard the crash and immediately responded to the scene. Upon arrival, they observed the flames around the cab of the truck rising higher and higher. They both retrieved their fire extinguishers from their patrol cars, and along with the driver of the first semi truck, extinguished the fire. Smoke had consumed the cab where the driver was trapped. Trooper Frazier quickly used his FHP-issued Res-Q-Me device, climbed onto the passenger side of the truck, and broke out the window so the smoke could escape and the driver could breathe fresh air.

St. Johns County Fire-Rescue arrived on the scene, and after several minutes finally removed the driver from the vehicle. He was taken to Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine with injuries consisting of a broken leg and minor burns. If not for the quick response by Troopers Frazier and Kibler, the trucker might not have survived the crash. Thanks to these two troopers for their excellent rescue work!


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