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Troopers Spread Message to Move Over

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Trooper Edison handing out <em>Move Over Law</em> brochures to Jacksonville motorists.
Trooper Greg Edison hands out Move Over Law
brochures to Jacksonville motorists during traffic stops in
an attempt to spread the word about this important new law.

FHP reminds motorists to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles stopped on Florida roadways. During the month of January, troopers in Troop G gave out brochures informing all motorists stopped for traffic violations about the Move Over Law--a law which was passed by the Florida Legislature nearly two years ago, but is still unheard of by many motorists traveling in our state. This brochure, developed by FHP's Public Affairs Office, reminds motorists of what to do when they approach an emergency vehicle parked on the side of the road with its emergency lights flashing.

During the five-year period between 1996-2000, Florida motorists crashed into emergency vehicles parked along Florida roadways 1,793 separate times--resulting in five deaths and 419 injuries to law enforcement officers, alone.

When approaching an emergency vehicle parked on a two-lane roadway with its emergency lights activated, and except otherwise directed by a law enforcement officer, drivers are required to slow to a speed that is 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit.

'Move Over' sign on the highway

Motorists oftentimes do not see emergency vehicles, and fail to avoid closed lanes or emergency workers on or near the roadway. In some cases, weather and road conditions can reduce a motorist's ability to see law enforcement officers, fire fighters and medical personnel working the scene of a crash. However, motorists need to pay attention to vehicles parked on the side of roadways, especially emergency vehicles with flashing lights, and react in accordance with the Move Over Law and use basic common sense. Paying attention and reacting in accordance with the law can help prevent further injury and/or death of our emergency personnel who are just trying to do their jobs. All drivers need to pay attention, drive carefully, and obey traffic laws. Our emergency workers depend on it!


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