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FHP Receives "Have a
Heart for MADD" Award

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Lt. Burrows, Sgt. Allen, MADD Board Member Deborah Beck, Lt. Cataldo, and Sgt. Davis
Lt. Pembrook Burrows, Sgt. Perry Allen,
MADD Board Member Deborah Beck,
Lt. John Cataldo, and Sgt. Richard Davis

On January 31, 2003, the Palm Beach County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) presented the Florida Highway Patrol with their Have a Heart for MADD Award to recognize FHP for its enormous support over the past several years. In addition, MADD awarded individual certificates to several FHP members who have contributed their valuable time and assistance to the MADD organization.

From the beginning, when in 1981 Ken and Linda Berg had the task of setting up the MADD Chapter in Palm Beach County, the Florida Highway Patrol was there to help with their expertise and dedication.

Lt. Max Shell contributed countless hours on and off duty toward the research effort to establish the charter. His knowledge and professionalism were invaluable in the quest to obtain a MADD chapter in the area. It was a great loss to MADD when Lt. Shell lost his courageous battle with cancer.

If not for the kindness, expertise, and endless hours of donated time provided by Chief Jim Howell, the MADD chapter could not have made it through the hard times and financial struggles. In addition to serving as a key speaker for the local chapter, Chief Howell participated for five years on the Victim Impact Panel, which helped produce one of MADD’s most successful programs to date.

Often when MADD had no volunteers to participate in DUI checkpoints, they could always count on Lt. Ron Rossow. He would personally come by the office and pick up brochures to ensure the message got out to the public. It was with great sadness that MADD lost one of their prime volunteers with Lt. Rossow’s untimely death last year. MADD considers it a privilege to have counted him as a friend.

Lt. Burrows and MADD Board Member Beck
Lt. Burrows and MADD Board Member Deborah Beck

Another invaluable resource for the local MADD chapter has been and continues to be Lt. Pembrook Burrows. MADD has called upon Lt. Burrows numerous times, and found that he is always eager to assist. Lt. Burrows has always made the volunteers feel an important part of the team at FHP’s DUI checkpoints, and always ensured the media was aware of MADD’s efforts. He has the ability to get things done and done well.

Sgt. Davis and MADD Board Member Beck
Sgt. Davis and MADD Board Member Deborah Beck

For many years, Sgt. Richard Davis has come to MADD board meetings to educate their members on DUI-related law enforcement issues. His knowledge greatly helped the chapter become more involved in community projects and other organizations in order to continue the mission of getting drunk drivers off the road. In addition, Sgt. Davis donated countless hours to help make MADD’s law enforcement awards luncheon a success this past year.

Lt. Cataldo and MADD Board Member  Beck
Lt. Cataldo and MADD Board Member Deborah Beck

Many times, when MADD needed information, they called upon Lt. John Cataldo for help. Lt. Cataldo provided the support and assistance needed to help MADD continue its fight against drunk driving. When Lt. Cataldo was unable to continue serving on the board, he contacted Sgt. Perry Allen, who is presently following in the proud tradition of his fellow officers in assisting MADD.

Sgt. Allen and MADD Board Member Beck
Sgt. Allen and MADD Board Member Deborah Beck

MADD is so grateful for all the help that so many members of the Florida Highway Patrol have unselfishly given to their organization statewide. MADD thanks FHP for its leadership tradition and for fostering dedication and professionalism among its members to assist them in their mission to eliminate drunk driving in Florida. The relationship between MADD and FHP is a strong and beneficial one that continues to get better every year.

Palm Beach Co. MADD Chapter Board Members
Palm Beach County MADD Chapter Board Members


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