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Trooper Prevents Murder in Wakulla County

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Trooper Creel

On June 23, 2002, a trooper’s "routine" traffic stop led to the discovery of a victim--bound and bleeding in the back seat of the driver’s car--and the arrest of two suspects. Trooper Charles Creel, Troop H, Crawfordville, stopped a female driver going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone three miles east of Newport. Creel knew something was wrong when the woman he stopped for speeding stepped out of her car. Creel could see she was smeared with blood. At first, she told him that she and her husband, a passenger in the car, had been cleaning fish. Then she claimed they had just had a domestic fight. That’s when Trooper Creel got suspicious.

Trooper Creel and a Wakulla County Sheriff’s deputy, who had been called for backup, checked the back seat of the car. Lying in the seat, they found an elderly man partially strangled and bleeding from a gash in his throat. The suspects, Kathleen and Glen King, were apparently on their way to dispose of the body of the 71-year old man they had allegedly just robbed and beaten.

After the traffic stop, Glen King, a convicted felon, refused to talk to investigators. However, his wife, who also has a lengthy criminal record, told deputies that she knew the victim and that she and her husband had planned the robbery for some time. They had convinced the older man to drive them around Wakulla County to help them find a place to relocate their camper. After robbing and beating the man, her husband cut his throat. Deputies found a roll of cash in the woman’s purse.

The elderly victim, who is recovering, was still in serious, but stable condition several days later at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The two suspects, being held in the Wakulla County Jail, are each charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, and auto theft.

Trooper Creel is a 21-year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol.


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