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Bias Based Profiling Information
General Information
  • The Florida Highway Patrol does not use or condone profiling.

  • In the selection process of the Florida Highway Patrol, every step of the application process has built-in cues to help detect those individuals with attitudes and beliefs that would predispose them to act out tendencies of discrimination. Cognitive skills testing, psychological screening, polygraph examination, and a thorough background investigation are included in the process.

  • The Florida Highway Patrol has an active citizen complaint process that encourages people to notify supervision of any dissatisfaction.

  • The Florida Highway Patrol affords accessibility by individuals to the patrol through its web site (www.flhsmv.gov/fhp). This fosters a mechanism for positive communication between the patrol and the public.

  • The Florida Highway Patrol maintains an aggressive attitude toward members violating rules or policies especially as it pertains to the treatment of citizens.

  • Members of the Florida Highway Patrol are instructed to look beyond the traffic stop for indicators of criminal activity. Those indicators do not include the use of profiling.

  • The policy and practice of the Florida Highway Patrol is well known to other law enforcement agencies.

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