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The CJBAT is a Basic Abilities test designed by I/O Solutions. Successful completion of the CJBAT is required for all candidates wishing to attend any Law Enforcement academy in the State of Florida.

Current State Trooper Candidates who have successfully taken the CJBAT within the two years prior to the start of their anticipated academy date will not be required to repeat the test with the Florida Highway Patrol, so long as they provide us with proof of their passing score.

For Candidates who need to take the CJBAT, the Florida Highway Patrol administers this test, in conjunction with the PAT (Physical Abilities Test) once a month in Miami, Orlando and Tallahassee. Dates for the test, as well as the application cutoff dates for each month, can be found on the Recruitment Calendar page of this website.

The FL-CJBAT measures the following basic abilities required of all law enforcement officers:

*Spatial Orientation
*Verbal Expression
*Verbal Comprehension
*Problem Sensitivity
*Deductive Reasoning
*Inductive Reasoning
*Information Ordering

Examples of the types of materials covered on the test include the following:

Candidates will be presented with a photograph and given two minutes to study the picture. After the two minutes are up, they will be required to answer multiple choice questions about the photo.

Candidates will be presented with various scenarios and stories and then asked to answer questions about the information contained in those stories. These questions are not designed to test your decision making ability, but to test your ability to gather, interpret and use information.

Full study guide for the FL-CJBAT

A full study guide and practice test for the FL-CJBAT can be obtained, fee required, by visiting www.publicsafetyrecruitment.com


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