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K9 Atos    K9 Atos in training.

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Canine PrayerFHP K-9 Atos began his career in 1997 with Trooper Chet Tomlinson as his handler. K-9 Atos was Trooper Tomlinson's second assigned K-9. During this time K-9 Atos was responsible for the seizures of approximately $500,000 in narcotics, $200,000 in U.S. Currency and had two tracks with apprehensions. Trooper Tomlinson was promoted to Corporal in 1999.

In October 1999 K-9 Atos was reassigned to Trooper Timothy O. Strickland and CIP Team B-2 with Trooper Robert C. Roux as the Felony Officer. K-9 Atos was Trooper Strickland's third assigned K-9. During his assignment with Trooper Strickland, K-9 Atos was responsible again for the seizures of approximately $500,000 in narcotics, $150,000 in U.S. Currency and vehicles and had two apprehensions on an area search and a building search.

K-9 Atos retired in December 2006 after serving the citizens of Florida with honor and distinction for nine years. K-9 Atos lived with the Strickland family and enjoyed his retirement. He was missed by all the members of the Troop-B Criminal Interdiction Unit.

K9 Atos passed away in 2008. He will be missed as a faithful companion and friend and will be truly missed by the Strickland family.

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