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K9 Cain

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K9 Cain
Trooper Chris Ellis and K9 Cain

Cain was donated to the patrol by a family in South Florida. Trooper Chris Ellis and Cain received their drug training and certification in Gainesville in 2006. Trooper Ellis, his felony officer Trooper Harrison and Cain went to work as a team in July of 2006. Through traffic stops made on Interstate 10, Cain has helped seize 194 lbs of cannabis valued at $174,600; $189,660 in US Currency and 7 kilos of cocaine valued at $168,000.


I am a Trooper in a canine crew.
I have been trained to see it through.
When danger is near my ears perk up.
They taught me that when I was a pup.
I am often there to protect your rights,
My presence sometimes hinders fights,
I never attack with thought to kill,
When subduing one, my job I fulfill.
I never worry a single thought,
As to how I will fare at a certain spot.
The love I have for a handler's care,
Is all I need, each day to fare.
And if some day my luck turns bad,
I will relish the joys I have ever had.
To be with men who stand for good,
In a special kind of "brotherhood."
The story's end by now you know,
Of how I tried for a better show,
When I was called and I gave my all.

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