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photo of  Lt. Mallow
Lt. Thomas James Mallow
Flight Officer

Serving since 1985

Lieutenant Thomas J. Mallow is the Troop H pilot flying a Cessna 182 RG. This fixed, high wing aircraft provides Lieutenant Mallow with an excellent observation platform for law enforcement support roles in Troop H and other parts of the state. With its 235 horsepower engine and retractable landing gear, it is capable of responding to scenes at 180 m.p.h . and slowing to 60 m.p.h. while Lieutenant Mallow performs enforcement roles on station. The aircraft carries a fuel capacity of 88 gallons allowing it to remain aloft for up to 6 hours. This is very useful when a violator attempts to flee and elude Troopers. Lieutenant Mallow can observe the suspect, allowing Troopers to fall back, avoiding a dangerous pursuit.

Operating at altitudes from 1,000 to 2,500 feet, Lieutenant Mallow has a unique view of vehicles traveling on Interstate 10 and local roads. Quarter mile speed measuring courses and stopwatches are used to determine a vehicles average speed through the course. Once it has been determined that a driver is exceeding the posted speed limit, Lieutenant Mallow communicates to Troopers, via radio, a brief description of the vehicle and sequence to them. Only when the Trooper has stopped the correct vehicle will Lieutenant Mallow begin to search for another violator. Traffic courts throughout the state have recognized the accuracy of speed measuring with the use of the aircraft. It has been an effective and cost efficient tool since 1963. Though primary enforcement with the aircraft is concentrated on excessive speed, it is used in the enforcement of other traffic laws such as following too closely, improper passing, improper lane changing and the growing concern of all motorists, aggressive motorist behavior, commonly referred to as "road rage". Other duties Lieutenant Mallow has in the aircraft are disabled vehicle patrol, search and rescue, marijuana eradication, surveillance of criminal activity and disaster response.

Lieutenant Mallow also serves as a pilot on the Department's twin engine aircraft, a Piper Navajo Panther, which provides law enforcement mission needs for the General Headquarters Staff and members of the Department's Investigations Section.

photo of LT. Mallow and Cessna
Lieutenant Tom Mallow and the Cessna 182RG Aircraft
that is stationed in Troop H to provide aircraft support for
the 8 counties in the Big Bend area of the State of Florida.


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